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So, you’ve left your studying days behind you. 

Now it’s time to face the big wide world. It’s a bit scary but we are pretty sure you’ll be able to cope. 

You’ll need a few things first before you start. 

A degree? Tick.

Confidence? Tick (hopefully)

Experience? We’ll come to that. 

CVs? We can help you with that too. 

A Curriculum Vitae is your first chance to impress a prospective employer. A well-written, well planned and most importantly, well spelt and grammar-checked CV will boost your chances of a job. 

CVs can’t just be written in an hour. They take time, careful thought and preparation and checked, double-checked and triple-checked (preferably by someone else).

It is, without a doubt, THE most important document you will ever produce. 

There are loads of things that SHOULD go on a CV, such as, key skills, employment history, and education/qualifications. The employer needs this info to judge whether or not to take you to the next stage of the process. 

Here are five essential no-nos:

Irrelevant work experience

Congratulations on being able to serve the perfect pint of Guinness, being able to put together a mean burger or being King of the Cappuccinos. If you are trying to impress an office manager, this kind of information isn’t going to work. They aren’t interested and there’s only one file this CV will end up in, the cylindrical one.

An “amusing” e-mail address

Does anyone really have e-mail addresses like  or  anymore? Yes, unfortunately, they do and they are very rarely e-mailed back. If you cannot produce an e-mail address that is at least professional no-one is going to take you seriously, especially the HR manager. 


You know that bit in The Apprentice where the candidates are spouting about how they are going to be the “next big thing” or were “made to be a millionaire” and you cringe? Imagine how your prospective employer feels when he/she sees them on your CV. 


There are two arguments here but this will tackle the “don’t do it” side. The fact of the matter is no-one is bothered about looks when it comes to a document meant for selling yourself. You could look like your favourite celebrity supermodel, which is great if you want to go into modelling, but probably not for a job in the real world. 


A well-written CV and one that is grammatically correct is even better. Nothing is more disappointing than seeing a CV filled with grammar errors and misspelt words. Get it checked, double-checked and then checked again. And keep checking. 


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